Sinatra​/​I Kill Giants Split

by Sinatra/I Kill Giants

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Lyrics by Zachary Alexander
Vocals- Zachary Alexander, Chris Marion, Jon steezy
Everything else by sinatra.
cool parts-Chris Marion.


released 16 March 2012



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Track Name: Sinatra - I Had Three Or a Lot Of Beers
Losing ground and losing faith falling full circle on my face
I saw my self cowering down,
Opening up I let the emptiness out
you said "just be honest to me"
I even knew it might set me free
but i have no chance in confronting who i used to
one day ill open the past up
and over analyze just because
i cling to you like blood to a wound as
if my letting go would be bad for us both
My mistakes still
echo these four walls
and i wont forgive
myself for anything
The shade of your skin
in the jersey twilight
oil painted on canvas
stops the aching

and I still need you (i cant come back from this)
and I still hear you ( i cant come back from this)
and I still feel you (i cant come back from this)
and I will open up(i cant come back from this)